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Release intelligent interactive advertising machine solution based on Ruixin micro rk3399 platform

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      As we all know, traditional advertising machines not only consume electricity, but also need to consume a lot of traffic. The advertising efficiency is also very unsatisfactory. The publicity mode is relatively simple, and it can not attract the attention of the public. Nowadays, with the development and progress of science and technology, the advertising machine is no longer limited, and has gradually changed from a single release to an intelligent interactive multimedia advertising machine, which can push advertising information in real time and accurately, increase more revenue, have super interactive and diversified intelligent modes, and be more satisfied with customers. Jinhaichuang provides a software and hardware solution for one-stop interactive advertising machine, which has rich hardware interfaces and open source code, allowing customers to quickly complete intelligent advertising machine products with high scientific and technological competitiveness.


Scheme Introduction

      Jinhai Chuang provides jhc-991 standard industry motherboard, which is suitable for full-size display / touch screen on the market. Relying on high performance, high stability and high scalability, the motherboard can be directly applied to various advertising machine terminals. The scheme supports Android or Linux system and provides open source code, which can customize personalized functions more conveniently and create an interactive advertising machine with market competitiveness.

Release intelligent interactive advertising machine solution based on Ruixin micro rk3399 platform

The advertising machine motherboard carefully built by jinhaichuang is based on Ruixin micro rk3399 platform, 6-core 64 bit processor, with a main frequency of 2.0GHz. It has 3G and 4G data communication interfaces, USB3.0 high-performance device interfaces, and supports 3 groups of serial ports, 6 groups of IO detection ports, 2.4g/5g WiFi and other commonly used external devices, with rich interfaces and stable performance. Support android10.0\linux system, complete software support, open source code, suitable for enterprise secondary development of commercial display advertising machines with high-definition display, self-service vending machines, intelligent education terminals, etc., which can reduce the threshold of research and development and shorten the product research and development cycle.

Scheme Construction

  Jinhaichuang advertising machine motherboard + display screen / touch screen + external device module 


Program Features

1. It is fully compatible with the full-size (5-100 inch) display screen on the market, supports various display interfaces such as lvds/edp/mipi/hdmi, and supports 4K hard solution at most.

2. It supports dual screen easy display and screen splicing, making commodity display and advertising display more attractive.

3. It adopts high-performance industry board and can run Android or Linux system. The built-in arm architecture has a maximum processing speed of 2.0GHz, which is faster and more stable.

4. Provide SDK source code, development tools, introductory tutorials, technical documents and other relevant technical materials, which makes secondary development more convenient and accelerates the process of product research and development.

5. Rich expansion interfaces, support various peripheral modules, 3g/4g modules, NFC modules, printers, card readers, scanners, identity authentication and recognition, rich and diverse human-computer interaction, support touch screens, cameras, human induction and other interaction methods.

Application Scenario

It is applicable to public places such as sales display, mall advertising, banking, hotels, transportation hubs, certificate processing halls, etc.


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Release intelligent interactive advertising machine solution based on Ruixin micro rk3399 platform
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