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Jinhai Chuang is based on the rk3568 platform to create a smart large screen motherboard scheme

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At present, smart large screen has become a popular product in the market, and is widely used in video conferencing, smart classrooms, smart communities, digital signage, party and government services and other fields. Compared with the traditional host + display product form, the intelligent integrated large screen is convenient for deployment and maintenance, and the exclusive smart large screen built for business scenarios can achieve a high combination of software and hardware, good customer experience and higher viscosity. According to the market dynamics, jinhaichuang launched the project solution of smart large screen with Ruixin micro rk3568 chip.


Rk3568 has powerful kernel performance

Ruixin micro rk3568 chip adopts 22nm process technology, integrates 4-core arm architecture A55 processor and Mali G52 2ee graphics processor, and supports 4K decoding and 1080p coding. Rk3568 supports sata/pcie/usb3.0 and other types of peripheral interfaces, and has an independent NPU built in, which can be used in lightweight artificial intelligence applications.


Rk3568 supports Android 11 and Linux systems. Customers can choose the appropriate operating system platform for development according to their business needs. In addition, rk3568 also supports dual system custom design, and customers can choose to load different operating systems according to the scene.

Widely used in the industry

It is suitable for product applications in all walks of life, such as customized markets in the Internet of things gateway, NVR storage, industrial control panel, industrial testing, industrial control box, karaoke, cloud terminal, on-board central control, smart large screen display and other industries.


Main board scheme construction

For the application of smart large screen in the market, Jinhai Chuang launched jhc-5681 smart Android motherboard. Both the compatibility of software and the scalability of hardware are far beyond their peers. With various functional interfaces, it can effectively improve the expansion of equipment in your industry and better control the cost of products.


Interface layout: It has rich interface design and new layout. It has 4 USB 4Pin sockets, 2 USB2.0 type A, 2 USB3.0, 6 groups of serial ports. The external serial port supports various 3/4g modules, NFC modules, printers, card readers, scanners, ID card recognition and other equipment modules.


Display performance:In addition, it has edpx2, lvdsx2, HDMI, Mipi DSI and other display interfaces, matches different display screens, supports high-definition 4K output, and has clear pictures and fine image quality. Different from the traditional screen scheme, the rk3568 motherboard scheme can process video signals, such as superimposed information, information control, special effect processing and other functions. It is very necessary for industry customers to control and manage the content.

Network communication:It supports WiFi 6,2.4g+5.8g and Bluetooth functions, onboard high-speed module, onboard Gigabit and 100m network ports, and can provide stable data transmission. In addition, 4G or data communication modules can be connected externally, which can easily help users realize the application of major network terminals and make their intelligent devices operate stably.

Powerful AI computing power:JHC-5681 motherboard gives full play to the I2S interface advantage of rk3568 and can support PDM microphone array. Considering the requirements of more and more intelligent terminal applications for AI computing power, the motherboard scheme has a built-in NPU with strong performance, which can provide 0.8 tops computing power support, giving consideration to performance, power consumption and computing accuracy to the greatest extent.

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