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Leading smart life, jinhaichuang intelligent self-service terminal solution gives you a new experien

Affected by the epidemic, with the increase of human costs, intelligent self-service terminals have attracted much attention in the industry, and the demand for supermarket self-service cashier, intelligent container, self-service government service terminals, shared self-service charging terminals and other terminals continues to rise. The birth of intelligent self-service terminal industry has greatly improved consumers' shopping and service experience, and brought great convenience to our lives. However, traditional terminals are limited by time, space and technology, resulting in increasing operating costs.

Jinhai Chuang is based on the rk3568 platform to create a smart large screen motherboard scheme

At present, smart large screen has become a popular product in the market, and is widely used in video conferencing, smart classrooms, smart communities, digital signage, party and government services and other fields. Compared with the traditional host + display product form, the intelligent integrated large screen is convenient for deployment and maintenance, and the exclusive smart large screen built for business scenarios can achieve a high combination of software and hardware, good customer experience and higher viscosity. According to the market dynamics, jinhaichuang launched the project solution of smart large screen with Ruixin micro rk3568 chip.

Release intelligent interactive advertising machine solution based on Ruixin micro rk3399 platform

As we all know, traditional advertising machines not only consume electricity, but also need to consume a lot of traffic. The advertising efficiency is also very unsatisfactory. The publicity mode is relatively simple, and it can not attract the attention of the public. Nowadays, with the development and progress of science and technology, the advertising machine is no longer limited, and has gradually changed from a single release to an intelligent interactive multimedia advertising machine, which can push advertising information in real time and accurately, increase more revenue, have super interactive and diversified intelligent modes, and be more satisfied with customers.