[core information] what is the essential difference between flagship core rk3588 and rk3588s?


Recently, two new rk3588/rk3588s development platforms have been launched on the market, which are mainly used in high-end intelligent fields such as high-end tablet, arm PC, smart big screen, smart cockpit, edge computing, IPC, NVR, virtual / augmented reality, etc. However, for some features of these two products, many people in the industry said that they did not know how to distinguish between them. Which would better match the development of intelligent terminal products in the current market?

Next, Jinhai Chuang will explain the differences between rk3588 and rk3588s in detail

     Rk3588 is specially designed for 8K scenario applications, with excellent performance and rich expansion interfaces, which is very suitable for product customization in the industry. Rk3588s is a low configuration version of rk3588. Its difference is similar to that between rk3568 and rk3566. Its design framework is basically the same, and it faces different subdivision fields.


     Rk3588 can be said to be a general-purpose ARM SoC chip with the most abundant interfaces at present. The chip performance is also very balanced, and the video decoding ability is very outstanding. It will be widely used in the audio-visual field, and the rich interfaces are also very suitable for customized development of industry customers. Therefore, rk3588 is a high-end industry application, while rk3588s framework is similar to rk3588, but it has fewer interfaces, mainly for consumer products.

     The rk3588s has fewer video input and output interfaces, type-C interfaces, SATA interfaces, and RJ45 network ports than the rk3588, and the rk3588s does not support PCI-E expansion, which makes the positioning of the two obvious differences.

     Considering the complexity of the stacking design of rk3588 and rk3588s, it is suggested that we should consider the product form of core board and bottom plate, and recommend the use of B2B connector. At present, the closing height of the connector can be controlled to 0.4mm, and the connector itself has little impact on the thickness of PCBA. Core board products play a great role in reducing the development cost of multiple projects, including the later inventory cost.

     The package size of rk3588 is 2323mm, and the package size of rk3588s is 1717mm. Rk3588 is more suitable for industrial supplies with little volume restriction, while rk3588s is more suitable for portable devices.

     In general, the performance of rk3588 and rk3588s is consistent. If the use scenario is relatively simple and the interface requirements are not complex, it is recommended to consider rk3588s, which can effectively control the cost. On the contrary, if it is a product that needs to be used across scenarios and has complex interface requirements, it is recommended to choose rk3588 as the first choice. According to the performance design of rk3588, it can meet the iteration requirements in the next five years, and is very suitable for aiot applications.