The heavyweight rk3588 enables qianhang and Baiye edge computing, and arm cluster servers may domina


At present, the newly released Ruixin micro rk3588 chip on the market has attracted the attention of major industries. I believe you are also full of doubts about such a heavyweight chip. The release of the chip has a leading position in terms of chip manufacturing process, computing power, and architecture, which is of significance to break through the bottleneck of mainstream chip technology.

重磅级RK3588赋能千行百业 边缘计算、ARM集群服务器市场或将占主导地位

Ruixin micro rk3588 eight product application directions

      Ruixin micro rk3588 has a wide range of application directions, specifically covering eight product application directions, including high-end tablet, arm PC, smart big screen, smart cockpit, edge computing, IPC, NVR, virtual / augmented reality, and covering aiot Qianxing and Baiye.

      At present, the 8nm process of Ruixin micro rk3588 chip not only ensures performance, but also has energy efficiency. Its 8K and other encoding and decoding capabilities can easily cope with ar/vr image and video, and will be a strong competitor for mobile terminal platforms. In addition, the 6tops AI computing power of Ruixin micro rk3588 also has significant advantages in intelligent cockpit chips.

      From the perspective of comprehensive performance, Ruixin micro rk3588 is also one of the few alternatives with strong smart security competitiveness in the market at present. It has a great opportunity to fill the huge security market space in families, communities, transportation, fire protection, office parks and so on.

AI edge computing and arm cluster server may dominate the market

      From the published information, rk3588 can fully meet the functional requirements of SOC for edge computing. Rk3588 supports Android 11, Linux, domestic OS and other operating systems, which is very suitable for secondary development. Coupled with Ruixin's consistent open and perfect technical support, rk3588 industry customization projects are easier to implement, and rk3588 chip will become an important role in the AI edge computing or arm cluster server market.

      Rk3588 has four A76 large cores and four A55 small cores, integrated with Mali ordin quad core graphics processor, and built-in 6tops independent NPU. The overall computing power of the platform is very strong, which can support various industry applications, especially edge computing and arm cluster servers. Rk3588 supports up to 32GB of running memory, memory particles such as lpddr4x and lpddr5, and ECC, providing a stable high-performance platform.

重磅级RK3588赋能千行百业 边缘计算、ARM集群服务器市场或将占主导地位

      Whether using rk3588 as the SOM unit of arm cluster server or using rk3588 chip as the control platform to build the server system, it can provide excellent performance. Coupled with the inherent low-power advantage of arm and its native support for Linux, rk3588 will have a lot of room for development in the server industry.

      The performance of rk3588's ISP has been greatly improved. Rk3588 has a built-in dual 24m ISP, which can support up to 6 camera inputs, 4K HDMI inputs, and 8K video codec. Its video codec performance is very excellent, which can fully meet the edge computing needs in the field of intelligent security and commercial display.

      In terms of NPU, rk3588 integrates Ruixin micro's fourth generation artificial intelligence computing engine with completely independent intellectual property rights, which improves the utilization of MAC computing units and bandwidth consumption by 30%. 6 the super large computing power NPU of tops and the flexible external expansion mode of NPU can provide sufficient computing power support for edge AI, solve the data loss and performance degradation caused by the instability of network transmission, and enable all kinds of AI complex scenes.

重磅级RK3588赋能千行百业 边缘计算、ARM集群服务器市场或将占主导地位

      Considering the ultra-high demand of edge computing in terms of data interface, Ruixin micro rk3588 provides various image interfaces, data interfaces and storage interfaces, which allows users to have bold imagination in product planning.

      Among them, the image interface includes 2*hdmi TX /2*dp tx/2*edp tx/2*mipi DSI tx/1*hdmi in/6*mipi CSI Rx, and the data interface includes 4*pcle3.0/3*pcle2.0/3*sata3.0/3*usb3.1/4*usb2.0/2*typec/2*gma, which can meet the applications in the scenarios of big data, artificial intelligence and high computing power. In terms of storage interface, rk3588 supports the industry-leading lpddr5 and is compatible with the latest Mipi cphy, which shows the due level of flagship chip in all aspects.

      With the popularity of 5g, AI and other technologies, new businesses such as edge real-time computing, analysis and edge intelligence continue to emerge. Because edge computing reduces the amount of data uploaded to the cloud, it puts forward higher requirements for the efficiency, reliability and resource utilization of edge computing. The core lies in the chip processing capacity of the device, and Ruixin micro rk3588 will become the preferred solution for edge computing.