"Popular science"How does popular science choose a suitable face recognition access control machine?


    A good face recognition access control machine is undoubtedly very worry-saving and labor-saving, and it can save a lot of things in terms of quality and later maintenance. But in the era of more and more face recognition access control machines, how to find a more suitable face recognition access control machine? Jinhai Chuang will tell you the secrets.

「 科普 」如何选择一款适合的人脸识别门禁机?

· System, the quality of the system determines the failure rate of at least 80%. At present, the face recognition access control machine is mainly developed by Android or Linux system.

  Android system is adopted by 98% of domestic face recognition access control manufacturers due to its low labor cost, low technical threshold, fast product development and other advantages. However, Linux system development has many disadvantages, such as high labor cost, high technical threshold and long product development cycle, but its advantages are obvious: speed, stability and security can be guaranteed, just like using apple IOS system. Moreover, Android is based on the secondary development on the bottom of Linux system, and the benchmarking between the two is very clear.

· Performance and fault tolerance mechanism


  In addition to the stability of the system, a good face recognition access control machine also ensures that it can be used normally in strong backlight, weak light, night, rain and fog. Therefore, when we choose a face recognition device, we can't just do an indoor effect test to determine whether it is good or bad. The important thing is the performance of the device in the actual measurement at night when it is in direct sunlight and strong backlight and can't see five fingers.

  Not only that, it also depends on whether the equipment has done a good job in fault-tolerant handling of emergencies, such as face recognition access control sudden failure, and whether there are other ways to ensure the normal passage of users. After all, as a special product of 'access control' and 'user zero tolerance', it is necessary to ensure 365*24-hour operation and 100% normal passage of users in and out, which puts forward high requirements for the stability of the product, otherwise, it will bring serious consequences.

· user's experience

   In addition to the requirements of 'system' and 'performance', the selection of a good face recognition access control device should also have a detailed and full understanding of the installation requirements and configuration experience of the device. At the same time, it should also know whether the device has the function of real-time automatic fault detection on the system. If it is not taken into account in the previous period, the installation, operation and maintenance in the later period will become a huge burden.

· Interface document

   Each project has different needs and uses for 'face recognition access control' equipment, so when selecting equipment, you should also have a full understanding of the interface documents on the equipment software. If the interface documents of the equipment are incomplete, even if the equipment is good, it can not meet the needs of the project party in actual use, and its value does not exist.

· Business value, i.e. short-term and long-term value

  The equipment is not only used for the project, but also excavates the value according to the characteristics of the equipment itself and the use scenario. Therefore, when selecting the equipment, we should fully consider the diversified realization of commercial value. Each additional realization method will bring us a kind of income.

· Real case, i.e. short-term and long-term use effect

  After meeting the above conditions, you can't just listen to the one-sided words of the equipment manufacturer. You must observe the mature use cases in the actual scene, and at the same time, you should do a questionnaire for the users in use, so as to ensure that they can pass smoothly in the complex and harsh environment in the sun, rain and night.